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Rackham, Oliver (trans.)
'Transitus Beati Fursei' - A translation of an 8th century manuscript Life of St Fursey
Fursey Pilgrims, 2007
ISBN 0 954477 32 4
Foreword by Michelle P. Brown
Price £12.50 (plus p&p: UK £2.81; Europe £6.25; rest of the world Zone1 £8.55, Zone2 £9.00).
This is the first English translation of the earliest (eighth century) surviving manuscript of the seventh century "Life of Fursey" - Harley MS 5041 in the British Library, and has been made by Professor Oliver Rackham of Cambridge University. The Latin text is included, as also Bede's use of the "Life" in his own History of the English Church and people. We believe the availability of this translation is a major contribution to increasing our knowledge of Fursey and the faith that motivated him in his life and ministry.
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This illustrated translation of the "Life of Fursey", under the original Latin title of Transitus Beati Fursei, was launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury at a special Reception in Norwich on 10 November 2007.

Our photograph taken at the launch shows, from left to right:

The late Prof. Oliver Rackham
The Translator
The Revd Canon David Abraham
Fursey Pilgrim
Dr Rowan Williams
The then Archbishop of Canterbury
The Rt Revd Graham James
Bishop of Norwich

Buckley, Ann
'Nobilitate vigens Furseus' - The Medieval Office of St Fursey
Fursey Pilgrims 2014.
ISBN 0 9544773 6 7

Foreword by the Rt Revd Graham James, the Bishop of Norwich
Introduction by the Author
Price: £15.00 (plus p&p: UK £2.81; Europe £6.25; rest of the world Zone1 £8.55, Zone2 £9.00)
In September 2011 we arranged for the singing of 'Vespers for the Feast of Fursey' in Norwich Cathedral. The Office was based on a recently discovered manuscript containing a medieval Office for St Fursey which had been the subject of our 2011 Fursey Lecture. This publication contains a transcript of Dr. Ann's lecture, her edition of the Latin text of the Office along with an English translation, and the music for the Office.
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Fursey Occasional Papers

Brown, Michelle P.
The Life of St Fursey: what we know and why it matters (Fursey Pilgrims, 2001, reprinted 2003, 2007)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 1
ISBN 0 954477 30 8
Foreword by the Rt Revd Graham James, The Bishop of Norwich
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
The inaugural Fursey Lecture was given by Michelle Brown in 2000. She gathers together the current state of knowledge about Fursey, following him from Ireland - to become the first Irish leader in the English church - to France, where he died; he became the object of veneration shortly afterwards. Brown reviews the sources for our knowledge of Fursey, both textual and from place-name studies. For Brown, Fursey represents 'charity and a sense of compassion', and is an ideal model for 'the ecumenical celebration of the Christian faith'.
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Dunn, Marilyn
The vision of St Fursey and the development of purgatory (Fursey Pilgrims, 2007)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 2
ISBN 0 954477 31 6
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
The Visio of Fursey is recognized to contain one of the earliest coherent expressions of the idea of purgatory, which would not reach its fullest form until some six hundred years after Fursey's death. In her lecture, Marilyn Dunn considers the concept of purgatory and the place of the Visio in its development.
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Roberts, Jane
Guthlac of Crowland, a Saint for Middle England (Fursey Pilgrims, 2009)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 3
ISBN 0 9544773 3 2
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
Guthlac of Crowland was a near contemporary of Fursey, dying in 714, as well as being located not too far distant from the area of Fursey's English ministry. Jane Roberts highlights the story of Guthlac, then compares elements of the two saints' Lives. Although little remembered today, the once great abbey of Crowland, and hints of Guthlac in later English literature, testify to his significance in English historical tradition.
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Hoggett, Richard
Beyond Bede: The History and Archaeology of the East Anglian Missions (Fursey Pilgrims, 2010)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 4
ISBN 0 9544773 4 0
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
The Venerable Bede provides one principal source for our knowledge of Fursey; using Bede as a starting point, Richard Hoggett considers the historical and political context of Fursey's East Anglia, and presents the archaeological evidence for and against the competing identifications of Fursey's Cnobheresburg.
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Casey, Aine
The Vita Fursei and its use by Bede and Aelfric (Fursey Pilgrims, 2010)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 5
ISBN 0 9544773 5 9
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
Aine Casey demonstrates how both Bede and Aelfric used the Vita Fursei to illustrate their respective historical and theological concerns. Bede is interested in Fursey's connection with the East Anglian royal family, but also presents Fursey in a manner that conforms to Bede's own conception of the saintly life. For Aelfric, Fursey's provides a suitable exemplar for his preaching during the penitential season of Rogation.
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O Riain, Padraig
Fursa's Irish Origins:  Munster, Connacht or Ulster? (Fursey Pilgrims, 2015)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 6
ISBN 0 9544773 7 5
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
Pádraig Ó Riain reviews the evidence for Fursey's place of origin. The claims advanced for the west of Ireland are shown to be closely associated with local family pretensions. The case for south-east Ulster is supported in Fursey's early Vita and Virtutes by the other personages they mention, and by an eighth-century calendar recording the date of his feast.
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Wooding, Jonathan M.
St Fursey: Pilgrim and Visionary (Fursey Pilgrims, 2015)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 7
ISBN 0 9544773 8 3
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
Jonathan Wooding defines the nature of peregrinatio in the time of Fursey and demonstrates the context of spiritual patronage by politically significant contemporaneous families. Wooding surveys the critical history of the Vita Fursei (or Vita Prima) to highlight the significance of the visions and their connection with the concept of peregrinatio.
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Warren, Gudrun
Angels and the Otherworld Journey: the Contribution of the Transitus Beati Fursei (Fursey Pilgrims, 2015)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 8
ISBN 0 9544773 9 1
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
The Vita Fursei is significant for its account of the otherworld journey. Gudrun Warren investigates this with regard to the allusions inspired by the descriptions of angels in the Vita . She argues that the nature of the angelic involvement helps to position Fursey's visions within the tradition of apocalyptic literature.
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Wood, Ian
Fursey and his brothers: their contribution to the Irish legacy on the continent (Fursey Pilgrims, 2016)
Fursey Occasional Paper number 9
ISBN 978-0-9954913-0-4
Price: £5.00 (plus p&p: UK £1.57; Europe £4.00; rest of the world Zone1 £5.05, Zone2 £5.35)
The context of the mayoral families sketched by Jonathan Wooding (Occasional Paper number 7 above) is investigated in greater depth by Ian Wood. Wood displays the political situation in which Fursey and his brothers operated on the continent, with reference particularly to the power of Erchinoald and the exiling of Dagobert. He examines the connections between the continental and British contexts, both political and spiritual, which he illuminates by comparison with Columbanus.
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Other Publications

Bannister, Mike
Peregrinatio - A Commemorative Poem for Saint Fursey (Mike Bannister/Fursey Pilgrims 2009)
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Fursey Lorica Bookmark
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